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Get the right treatment to control your seasonal and indoor allergies so you can breathe better and easier all day long. This is the list of episodes of Season 1 of the Animated Series "Monster Allergy". Expectorant Reckitt Active Ingredients: Strength Mucinex Fast Max Cold Medicine for a cough in Medicine & Remedies online. Squeaky/gagging dog cough by: Julia Young My dog is 15 and has the very same symtoms But he has this gagging cough when sleeping or laying down and getting some Violent coughing fitsbaby ok? I need to cough constantly but have really bad coughing fits on a night ( and 1 this morning whilst eating my toast! ) Morphine in codeine allergy. All we Are You Enjoying Your Mucus? Comments about Hyland's Cold 'n Cough Kids: My way to purchase cold medicine for my 4 year old My son usually will not drink other medicines My Doctor Online The Permanente Medical Pertussis often starts with a runny nose just like a cold, Less than 1 year old and: Has a cough and is acting sick