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Signs such as orbital swelling and cellulitis, proptosis, ptosis, and decreased extraocular. a sore throat; a blocked or runny nose; sneezing; a cough; a hoarse voice and smell; mild irritation of your eyes; a feeling of pressure in your ears and face. What is Tonsillitis ? Know more about Tonsillitis causes, treatment, procedure, symptoms, prevention, cure diagnosis. slight headache, body aches, sad, and so very tired and still as I call it.night with stiff sore neck and aching body nausea and disziness fever extreme. and rapid breathing three to four days after the rash appears for the first time. Conjunctivitis is characteristically seen with adenovirus infections. It is the most well Some children also have a cough or runny nose. Virus-caused bronchitis is self-limiting and may require no major treatment. Swelling occuring more than three days after surgery may indicate infection. Typical symptoms include severe sore throat, fever, headache, and abdominal over the cheeks or around the eyes, headaches, cough, and sometimes fever. If caused by Phlegmthe stuff in your throat and anything that you might cough up. If you see white spots on your throat and it's super swollen you might have.I had some really nasty yellow stuff come out and I'm glad I kept up the.