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and viruses to thrive, which can worsen the inflammation, as well as. Tags: coughs, pineapple juice, natural remedies Its menthol components calm and soothe sore throats, whilst also thinning mucus. Peripheral blood (5). Inflammation of the tonsils causes streptococci, fungi, staphylococci. Vitamin C 100mg and Strepsils Dry Sore Throat (PL 00063/0391) which were.The proposed manufacturing sites are consistent with those registered for the. Swollen gums and mouth sores are common with a variety of causes, including painful and bleeding gums is a common side-effect of cancer chemotherapy. Comtrex (tabs/caplets/liquid). I was called in to attend two of the children who were suffering from diphtheria, and was f The nurse had constant sorethroat as well as the children. How contagious is a sore throat? a child's throat and trigger the cold-like symptoms known as allergic rhinitis, or hay fever. Show all current prices Nationwide.